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  • -14%Cimarron Sports #42 70x12x12ft Batting Cage Net
    Original price was: $949.99.Current price is: $818.85.
  • -13%Cimarron Sports #24 50x12x10ft Rookie Batting Cage
    Original price was: $1,300.00.Current price is: $1,129.02.
  • -16%Cimarron Sports #24 30x12x10ft Rookie Batting Cage
    Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $835.86.
  • -13%Cimarron Sports #24 40x12x10ft Rookie Batting Cage
    Original price was: $1,180.00.Current price is: $1,026.10.
  • -16%Cimarron Sports #24 70x12x12ft Rookie Batting Cage
    Original price was: $1,750.00.Current price is: $1,478.56.
  • -15%Cimarron Sports #24 60x12x10ft Rookie Batting Cage
    Original price was: $1,450.00.Current price is: $1,232.15.
  • -17%Cimarron Sports #24 55x12x12ft Rookie Batting Cage
    Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $1,237.61.
  • -17%Cimarron Sports #24 30x12x10ft Batting Cage
    Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $999.00.

About Batting Cage Sale

Batting Cage Sale is the best place to find the batting cage for your needs. Our years in the baseball product industry have allowed us to find top manufacturers with exceptional batting cage products. We offer batting cage and sporting goods items for residential and commercial use. On Batting Cage Sale, you will find the largest selection of products, alongside helpful information. Rest assured that when you make a purchase, you won’t be disappointed. 

Our team has over 30+ years of experience in selling all things baseball and softball, both online and in retail stores. We’ve worked first-hand with many of the batting cages on our site and know the different brands and products inside and out. 

Our Top Batting Cage Products

Batting Cages

Every baseball or softball player, regardless of skill level, can benefit from practicing in batting cages. Using a batting cage to practice is one of the best ways to improve your baseball batting skills. Using a pitching machine alongside your batting cage allows you to safely practice alone. On the other hand, some people practice in batting cages with a real pitcher present.

Batting Cage Sale offers a wide variety of batting cages, good for backyard or sporting facilities. Selecting the right size and length of a batting cage is important to consider. No matter what type of batting cage you need, indoors or outdoors, we’ve got a wide selection of only the best batting cages on the internet.

Batting Cage Nets

When selecting batting cage nets, strength and durability are of utmost importance. That’s why we offer only brands with durable batting cage nets for sale. Many batting cage nets are made from either nylon or polyethylene materials. Each of these materials have unique advantages. Polyethylene batting cage nets are more flexible, resulting in less longevity. However, they offer a more affordable solution for baseball players on a budget. Many recreational baseball players find that poly nets are more than suitable for their needs.

In contrast, nylon is a more durable netting material. Schools and facilities often seek to invest in these superior quality batting cage nets. No matter what your needs entail, we offer many selections of both types of batting cage nets.

Batting Cage Frames

A durable batting cage frame is the foundation of your cage. Before you can select a batting cage frame, you’ll need to know what size batting cage you’d like. Frames are available in a variety of sizes, usually between 30 and 70 feet in length. Widths and heights of batting cage frames may also vary. Depending on how much space you have, we offer many configurations of batting cage frames.

Choosing a high-quality batting cage frame allows for many years of practice and enjoyment. Every brand of batting cage frame we offer at Batting Cage Sale offers durable, long-lasting frames for excellent cages. Most batting cage frames are made of heavy-duty aluminum or steel materials.

Portable Backstops

Portable backstops are convenient for players to take along, no matter what field they play on. Many leagues and teams like portable backstops, as they are lightweight and simple to pack up. Using a portable backstop helps to protect the spectators in the stands and to protect players on the bench. At Batting Cage Sale, we offer many sizes of portable backstops for every setting, using the best quality netting materials.

When selecting a portable backstop, customers value easy setup and transport features. For example, many portable backstops even come with zippered bags to make cleaning up after a game simple and fast. Check out our wide selection of safety portable backstops today.

Batting Cage Accessories

Best Selling Brands

Here is a break down of some of our top selling Batting Cage Brands. We offer tons of others brands on our site, but these are our top sellers. The products made by these manufactures have been bought and used by thousands of ball players throughout the United States.

Anything Sports Batting Cages

At Batting Cage Sale, we believe in the quality of Anything Sports Batting Cages. This small business offers exceptional value and products designed with players in mind. The rigorous product testing of each of Anything Sport’s products lends itself to exceptional reviews from customers like you. Simplicity is what you’ll get when you purchase an Anything Sports Batting Cage.

In addition, their batting cage arrives in one box to make unpacking and assembly easy. An Anything Sports Batting Cage is an affordable way to help you improve your baseball or softball skills.

Cimarron Sports

Cimarron Sports offers “serious tools for serious athletes”. The company offers full bundles that include everything you need to assemble and start using your batting cage. Or, if you’re in need of a replacement net only, they sell these individually.

Cimarron offers batting cage netting of various thicknesses, depending on the durability you’re looking for. This includes batting cage nets from 24 mm in thickness all the way up to 84 mm nets. Furthermore, the Cimarron guarantee helps assure buyers of quality workmanship on each batting cage or batting cage net product.

Fortress Batting Cages

Another trusted brand of batting cages is Fortress Batting Cages. They offer heavy-duty batting cages that feature galvanized steel poles. By using 40 mm steel support posts, customers get a solid, durable batting cage made to last. Fortress Batting Cages are available in several different sizes, including the most popular lengths for baseball players.

The company offers 5-year warranty on all batting cage nets, with a 1-year warranty on posts. We like Fortress Batting Cages based on their superior value and across-the-board solid customer reviews.

Galileo Sports

Galileo Sports offers several batting cage products including full batting cages and replacement nets. The company is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality sporting goods for a variety of sports. As for the company’s batting cages, a variety of lengths and widths are available to match every baseball or softball player’s needs.

Customers choose Galileo Sports for their experience in the sporting goods industry. For over ten years, they’ve delivered exceptional customer support offerings for every product they create.

Heater Sports

Affordability and innovative designs are at the heart of every Heater Sports Batting Cage. Known for their Xtender Batting Cage product series, customers have a large size selection when buying a Heater Sports batting cage. Using a Heater Sports batting cage allows baseball players to continually hit balls, improving their batting without having to chase down run-away baseballs.

While many of Heater’s batting cages are primarily for outdoor use, a simple hardware addition can make these batting cages work indoors on solid surfaces too. If you need help, you can count on Heater Sports for exceptional 24/7 customer support.

Kapler Sports

Kapler Sports focuses on creating baseball products that make consumers’ lives better. Without compromising quality, the company strives to offer affordable pricing to provide access to baseball equipment for all players. Unlike some other manufacturers, Kapler spends extra time focusing on quality control measures for a streamlined process.

In addition to the design of their products, Kapler Sports managed quality control inspections before selling. This includes checks for any defects in workmanship or potential problems. In turn, customers are more likely to receive exceptional batting cage products.

LFS Batting Cages

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Skywalker Batting Cages

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