Batting Cage Frames

Batting cage frames may be made of a variety of different materials. To guide your shopping, we’ve broken down the different types of batting cage frame materials.

Fiberglass Batting Cage Frames

Selecting a fiberglass batting cage is a great choice for baseball players on a budget. Out of all of the batting cage frame materials available, fiberglass is the most affordable. In addition, these types of frames are very easy to install. The process to install is doable for the average homeowner. Plus, taking your batting cage down is simple too. Many people like fiberglass frames as there are no complex tools or other expenses involved.
While fiberglass batting cage frames are the most affordable, they also are not quite as durable as other types of materials. If you’re located in a cold weather climate, fiberglass may not be the best option. Colder temperatures may cause fiberglass to crack. In addition, shoppers should consider average wind conditions, as high winds can wreak havoc on a fiberglass batting cage frame.

Steel Batting Cage Frames

When compared to fiberglass, steel batting cage frames offer much more durability. Steel can hold up in very cold temperatures. When hit with a forceful ball or high winds, a steel cage may be more stable. This is not to say that it still cannot come down during extreme weather conditions.

Purchasing a steel batting cage frame will cost more than a fiberglass frame. Not only is the price of steel more expensive than fiberglass, but it also weighs quite a bit. Throughout BattingCageSale, you will find options to purchase a steel batting cage frame on it’s own, or to purchase a complete bundle/batting cage kit which includes the batting cage net as well. In terms of set-up, installation of a steel batting cage frame requires more time than a fiberglass frame. Thus, tools will be required for assembly.

Fiberglass Frames with Steel Rods

A fiberglass frame with steel rods offers a moderate-priced batting cage solution. In some ways, this type of batting cage combines features of both a fiberglass and a steel frame. For example, the Heater Sports Xtender line is made of fiberglass that is reinforced with steel rods. This product line is one of our top-selling in this category!

Selecting the Right Batting Cage Frame

Each of the batting cage frame types mentioned above are excellent options. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs, weather condition, and preferences.
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